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From Kampala to Fort Portal I spent almost a month volunteering in the tiny town of Fort Portal, which is one of the most western points of Uganda. My home stay was about 10 kms out of town, so it was even more out in the sticks than Fort Portal [...]


Nairobi on the Run Upon arrival in Nairobi, Kenya, I was a bit disappointed in my ‘news-obsessed-yet-always-well-informed-and-unbiased’ self for buying into all of the media hype that worked to poison my opinion of Kenya. I was always told it was big and dirty and hostile and potentially dangerous. Consequently, I [...]

South Africa

Cape Town, the Mother City I’ve always been fascinated, dumbfounded, intrigued, and horrified by South Africa and its history.  However, I knew I always wanted to go there, so I chose Cape Town for my first go around. While most people understandably flock to the coastline for water activities, there are a ton of things [...]


Moyo Wangu ni Tanzania Every traveller has that one place. That one place that is so far from home yet strangely feels more like home than even home does. Of all the trips I’ve taken, I’ve never felt more like this than I did in Tanzania on my first trip. I’ve gone back three [...]


Solid as a Rock Restless in my 20s and eager to make a change, I moved to Newfoundland to finish my university degree and find something new. I spent over four years on “The Rock”, which were some of the best years of my life. I owe it partly [...]

South Korea

Did My Food Just Move?! Years ago, I moved to South Korea to teach English and get out of my Canadian rut, and the experience was anything but dull. My job was in Daejeon which is about two hours from Seoul by bus. It’s a medium-sized city by Korean standards, about [...]

Eastern Europe

Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia As the summer approaches, throngs of people will be planning their European backpacking adventures. I find that with the exception of the Czech Republic, much of Eastern Europe oddly sits far down on the list of must-see places for many people. However, having covered a fair number of countries in Europe over [...]

Backpacking Europe

Beginner’s Luck At the ripe old age of 20-something and in the midst of some major life changes, I decided to do my first ever backpacking trip to Europe with a few girlfriends. I hadn’t done much traveling at that point, so I was a bit nervous but excited to [...]