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To the Top of Africa

It was six days (four days up and two down), 5895m, (19,500ft), about 50 hours of climbing, a few mental breakdowns, a massive sunburn, a gazillion blisters, one nosebleed and pain everywhere...but I made it. Of all the adventures I've been fortunate to have, I don’t think I’ve pushed myself as hard [...]


The Making of a Mexican My first time on an airplane was a trip to Cancun, Mexico with a troupe of my crazy teenage girlfriends. I thought I was going to explore new lands, see new culture and breathe in new life; however, what I got was Spring Break with [...]


Morocc-oh-my-gawd! First off, it feels a bit silly putting Morocco under the African umbrella because it is far from the Africa I know. It was clearly a trip to the Arab world, but I won't argue with geography, so here is where you will find it. Morocco was....interesting. I [...]


Land of a Thousand Hills (...and reasons to visit) Having been to a number of countries in Africa and loving them all for different reasons, I actually think that Rwanda is by far, my favourite place on the continent. And yes, I know I’ve said that before but this time, I reeeeally mean [...]