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What does travelling mean to you?

A spring-break week in Key West or a Disney Cruise are definitely forms of travelling, but just not for me. Actually, I’d rather poke my own eyes out than do either. What I refer to as travelling is going somewhere off the beaten path where you stick out like a sore [...]


Mon montreal Many people find themselves in love-hate relationships with various things in their lives. I’m no exception - CNN, exercise, olives – some things I just can’t quit even if I don’t always enjoy them. I also find myself in this predicament when it comes to the city I [...]


History Lessons I got off the plane in Phnom Penh a bit delirious from the long flight and could not believe the blanket of humidity that smacked me in the face at the airport. It felt like walking into a wall of heat that simultaneously had me by the throat so that I couldn’t breathe. [...]

El Salvador

Flat Out in El Salvador It's quite common to experience a few glitches in even the most well-planned of backpacking trips. I've certainly had my share. But then there are those trips you can't believe you made it through. Enter El Salvador. One little hitch my friend Katie and I got ourselves into as we [...]


Diamond in the Rough After a comfy seven-hour ride from Guatemala on a nearly deserted bus, we arrived at the Guatemalan-Honduran border. The process of getting into Honduras was surprisingly simple and cost a mere two dollars. The only annoyance, which was actually quite comical, were the guys that buy [...]


Go Big or Go Home I broke my usual solo travel routine and met one of my BFFs in Guatemala City for a Central American tour de force. And other than her over-the-top fear of snakes, bizarre case of even-stevens, and touch of moodiness when woken up for early bus [...]