Monthly Archives: March 2015


Pushing Forty with a Backpack

Don’t know about you, but months before a trip abroad, I feverishly scour travel books and websites for places to go, where to stay, what I’m going to see, and what I can do to scare myself. As excited as I get, I can’t help but wonder if I’ll be [...]

Kissing Traditional Hotels Goodbye

I’ve never understood why some people travel to see the world and spend more time in their hotel room than actually seeing said world. Perhaps that’s why I’ve never wanted to spend too much money on accommodations - because I want to see so little of it. For me, as long as [...]

My Bucket List

I think having goals and dreams is important in life, imperative in fact. How else can you strive to be better, to do better? So as a proud travel junkie, adventure enthusiast, humanitarian and lover of cultural differences, it's no wonder that many of my goals and dreams have to do with where I can go and what I [...]