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My first day in Quito should have been a hint that this stop was going to be...exciting. I was walking in Old Town for no more than 20 minutes when I heard the crowds. I followed the noise all the way to Plaza de la Independencia and sure enough, the [...]

Surviving the Bus from Colombia to Ecuador

A long trek across countries isn't always torture. I've done plenty, and I will do more. However, multiple bus rides that last three days and total about 30 hours is pretty darn close. Nonetheless, Colombia to Ecuador can be done with relative ease if you keep your wits about you [...]


As we continued downward, I thought for sure I was going to throw up. My mouth was watering, and I could feel my stomach churning to make its move. Any minute disaster was going to strike all over my lap, and I was powerless to stop it. I couldn't believe [...]

A Day in Guatapé

Sometimes when you're in a big city some of the best things to do actually entail getting the hell out of said city, even if you love it there. About two hours by bus from Medellin is the hidden gem of Guatapé, population: who-the-heck-knows. Its most famous tourist attraction is the [...]


I've been to a lot of hot places - Tanzania at the height of summer, Cambodia during monsoon season, Haiti on a long bus ride with the windows closed, but I think this last week in Cartagena might possibly take the cake. I can only guess that the intense heat [...]

A Hard Landing

As I sat in the airport for the world's longest and most painful layover, beset with thunder, lightening and flash flood warnings threatening to make it even longer, I actually contemplated if this trip was a good idea. I'm usually in such a good head space as I embark on [...]