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Maia lives in Montreal, Canada. She has two Masters degrees, one in International Development and one in Applied Linguistics and has been teaching ESL since 2002 at the college and university level. Maia is an avid traveller, always planning the next big trip. She loves the outdoors, adventure, learning from different cultures and doing frequent volunteer work abroad.


History Lessons I got off the plane in Phnom Penh a bit delirious from the long flight and could not believe the blanket of humidity that smacked me in the face at the airport. It felt like walking into a wall of heat that simultaneously had me by the throat so that I couldn’t breathe. [...]

El Salvador

Flat Out in El Salvador It's quite common to experience a few glitches in even the most well-planned of backpacking trips. I've certainly had my share. But then there are those trips you can't believe you made it through. Enter El Salvador. One little hitch my friend Katie and I got ourselves into as we [...]


Diamond in the Rough After a comfy seven-hour ride from Guatemala on a nearly deserted bus, we arrived at the Guatemalan-Honduran border. The process of getting into Honduras was surprisingly simple and cost a mere two dollars. The only annoyance, which was actually quite comical, were the guys that buy [...]


Go Big or Go Home I broke my usual solo travel routine and met one of my BFFs in Guatemala City for a Central American tour de force. And other than her over-the-top fear of snakes, bizarre case of even-stevens, and touch of moodiness when woken up for early bus [...]


The Making of a Mexican My first time on an airplane was a trip to Cancun, Mexico with a troupe of my crazy teenage girlfriends. I thought I was going to explore new lands, see new culture and breathe in new life; however, what I got was Spring Break with [...]


Morocc-oh-my-gawd! First off, it feels a bit silly putting Morocco under the African umbrella because it is far from the Africa I know. It was clearly a trip to the Arab world, but I won't argue with geography, so here is where you will find it. Morocco was....interesting. I [...]


Land of a Thousand Hills (...and reasons to visit) Having been to a number of countries in Africa and loving them all for different reasons, I actually think that Rwanda is by far, my favourite place on the continent. And yes, I know I’ve said that before but this time, I reeeeally mean [...]


From Kampala to Fort Portal I spent almost a month volunteering in the tiny town of Fort Portal, which is one of the most western points of Uganda. My home stay was about 10 kms out of town, so it was even more out in the sticks than Fort Portal [...]


Nairobi on the Run Upon arrival in Nairobi, Kenya, I was a bit disappointed in my ‘news-obsessed-yet-always-well-informed-and-unbiased’ self for buying into all of the media hype that worked to poison my opinion of Kenya. I was always told it was big and dirty and hostile and potentially dangerous. Consequently, I [...]

South Africa

Cape Town, the Mother City I’ve always been fascinated, dumbfounded, intrigued, and horrified by South Africa and its history.  However, I knew I always wanted to go there, so I chose Cape Town for my first go around. While most people understandably flock to the coastline for water activities, there are a ton of things [...]