Africa by the Hand

When the conversation of travel comes up over cocktails and I get ready to launch into my African adventures, I'm usually asked the questions that immediately kill the buzz... “Alone in Africa?! Weren’t you scared?! Wasn’t it dangerous?!” As a look of disappointment parks itself on my face, I can’t help but blurt [...]

To the Top of Africa

It was six days (four days up and two down), 5895m, (19,500ft), about 50 hours of climbing, a few mental breakdowns, a massive sunburn, a gazillion blisters, one nosebleed and pain everywhere...but I made it. Of all the adventures I've been fortunate to have, I don’t think I’ve pushed myself as hard [...]


Morocc-oh-my-gawd! First off, it feels a bit silly putting Morocco under the African umbrella because it is far from the Africa I know. It was clearly a trip to the Arab world, but I won't argue with geography, so here is where you will find it. Morocco was....interesting. I [...]


Land of a Thousand Hills (...and reasons to visit) Having been to a number of countries in Africa and loving them all for different reasons, I actually think that Rwanda is by far, my favourite place on the continent. And yes, I know I’ve said that before but this time, I reeeeally mean [...]


From Kampala to Fort Portal I spent almost a month volunteering in the tiny town of Fort Portal, which is one of the most western points of Uganda. My home stay was about 10 kms out of town, so it was even more out in the sticks than Fort Portal [...]


Nairobi on the Run Upon arrival in Nairobi, Kenya, I was a bit disappointed in my ‘news-obsessed-yet-always-well-informed-and-unbiased’ self for buying into all of the media hype that worked to poison my opinion of Kenya. I was always told it was big and dirty and hostile and potentially dangerous. Consequently, I [...]

South Africa

Cape Town, the Mother City I’ve always been fascinated, dumbfounded, intrigued, and horrified by South Africa and its history.  However, I knew I always wanted to go there, so I chose Cape Town for my first go around. While most people understandably flock to the coastline for water activities, there are a ton of things [...]


Moyo Wangu ni Tanzania Every traveller has that one place. That one place that is so far from home yet strangely feels more like home than even home does. Of all the trips I’ve taken, I’ve never felt more like this than I did in Tanzania on my first trip. I’ve gone back three [...]