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New York

“What?! Are you kidding me?! Off all the places you’ve travelled to, you’ve never been to New York?!” I got a little sick of hearing that for the last umpteen years, and I generally have always wanted to go, so over the last long weekend, I finally made my move. [...]

Le Quebec

I love my country and am extremely proud to be Canadian but every winter I curse both....a lot. I hate the cold, the snow, the wind chill, the laying of clothes and of course the frickin’ shovelling. So it’s no surprise then that I’ve always passed on the opportunity to [...]


Mon montreal Many people find themselves in love-hate relationships with various things in their lives. I’m no exception - CNN, exercise, olives – some things I just can’t quit even if I don’t always enjoy them. I also find myself in this predicament when it comes to the city I [...]


The Making of a Mexican My first time on an airplane was a trip to Cancun, Mexico with a troupe of my crazy teenage girlfriends. I thought I was going to explore new lands, see new culture and breathe in new life; however, what I got was Spring Break with [...]


Solid as a Rock Restless in my 20s and eager to make a change, I moved to Newfoundland to finish my university degree and find something new. I spent over four years on “The Rock”, which were some of the best years of my life. I owe it partly [...]