The storm before the calm….

A few people said to me recently that when a trip starts off badly it means that the rest of it will be fabulous. I think those same people believe that rain on a wedding day means good luck as does getting shit on by a bird. I don't really [...]

Do What Scares You

We’re all afraid of something even if we’re too afraid to admit it, which by proxy means we are afraid. I can admit that my list of fears includes both the rational and the somewhat irrational. I’m scared of centipedes, flying, liars, driving in the snow, and people who don’t swear – [...]

A Hard Landing

As I sat in the airport for the world's longest and most painful layover, beset with thunder, lightening and flash flood warnings threatening to make it even longer, I actually contemplated if this trip was a good idea. I'm usually in such a good head space as I embark on [...]

Pushing Forty with a Backpack

Don’t know about you, but months before a trip abroad, I feverishly scour travel books and websites for places to go, where to stay, what I’m going to see, and what I can do to scare myself. As excited as I get, I can’t help but wonder if I’ll be [...]

Kissing Traditional Hotels Goodbye

I’ve never understood why some people travel to see the world and spend more time in their hotel room than actually seeing said world. Perhaps that’s why I’ve never wanted to spend too much money on accommodations - because I want to see so little of it. For me, as long as [...]

My Bucket List

I think having goals and dreams is important in life, imperative in fact. How else can you strive to be better, to do better? So as a proud travel junkie, adventure enthusiast, humanitarian and lover of cultural differences, it's no wonder that many of my goals and dreams have to do with where I can go and what I [...]

Africa by the Hand

When the conversation of travel comes up over cocktails and I get ready to launch into my African adventures, I'm usually asked the questions that immediately kill the buzz... “Alone in Africa?! Weren’t you scared?! Wasn’t it dangerous?!” As a look of disappointment parks itself on my face, I can’t help but blurt [...]

My First Hater!

Since launching my blog a few months ago, I have loved every minute of it. Sure, the building of it caused great stress and profanity to spew from my pores, but now that it’s done and up and on the go, it’s been amazing. I’m learning a ton about the [...]

Why Every Woman Should Travel. Alone.

I’m not always adventurous. I tried my first yoga class about three weeks ago. I’m afraid to eat ham because it reminds me of a dog’s tongue, and if it were up to me, I would still own a VCR. But there are some things that I do with gusto and [...]

All That Baggage…

On my most recent trip abroad, I found myself at one of the worst airports I've ever been to for an extended layover. It was dirty and chaotic and most of the people I encountered were not the...'happiest', let's just say. It got me thinking, what is it about airports [...]