Interview With Caroline Stolzy

When I first met Maia, almost 2 years ago now, I was struck by her smile and openness. Her face was literally an invitation to talk. When I discovered her passion for travel and volunteering, I knew that open face had to have been earned, at least partially, through [...]

The Quest for Balance in 2015

After two weeks of volunteering in small town Haiti without the western comforts of Wifi, air conditioning or consistent showers, I did something I normally don't do - I allowed myself a few days to decompress at a fancy schmancy hotel once back in the capital. This may not seem [...]

So, this is Haiti…

After a brutal day of flights, delays and crappy airports, I all but squealed in delight when I got to the airport in Port-au-Prince (PAP) and met up with both my driver and luggage successfully. After he dropped me off at my hostel, my plan was to hide in my [...]

When is doing good not so good?

With the technology and mobility that our world now enjoys, people of all walks of life freely gallivant around the globe en masse, all the while documenting it for the world to see. People travel for adventure, relaxation and sometimes an escape from reality. Check, check aaaand check! However, many [...]

What does travelling mean to you?

A spring-break week in Key West or a Disney Cruise are definitely forms of travelling, but just not for me. Actually, I’d rather poke my own eyes out than do either. What I refer to as travelling is going somewhere off the beaten path where you stick out like a sore [...]